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2 years ago

It is very important to select a fin fan

It is very important to select a fin fan

The Fin-fan is a very common machine used in different manufacturing units, factories and devices. An essential part of the heat exchanger, or air-cooled heat exchanger, the fanplays a crucial role in its functioning and has been in place for quite a long period of time. The heat exchanger or the cooling agent is used to remove heat from a process that generates it but does not know how to get rid of it. The heat exchanger transfers heat from one fluid to another and in order to transfer the heat, uses the fan to produce air that cools the liquid.

Therefore, it is very important to select a fin fan that caters to the needs and requirements of the heat exchanger being used in your factory or manufacturing unit. It ought to be energy efficient as fans consume a lot of energy during the cooling process, leading to higher operations cost, heat emission and increased bills. Finding such a fan is not difficult as there are various alternatives that claim to live up to your expectations. However, you must select the one that is custom built for your heat exchanger application needs and suits your budget.

Among the various manufacturers, Impact Cooling Solutions is a name to reckon with as it manufactures high-quality fans for industrial use. The fans are made up of fiberglass reinforced plastic that is renowned for having fire retardant resins. This helps them stay fit for long and they are quite sturdy. The different wear and tear agents like water, air and pressure cannot weaken them easily. Also, the material is lightweight and hence, does not add to the weight of the heat exchangers in which they are fitted.

They are tailor made to produce more air at less power and last but not the least, the noise produced is also negligible. You just have to bring the fan, install it and your operations are good to go. Handling is a child’s play as they are compatible with most standard taper lock bushings and custom specified drive shafts. The blades, Seal Disk and HUB; all are in tune with the technical trends and advancements.

All in all, every necessary step has been taken by the manufacturer to make them up-to-date and energy efficient. The company knows the value of eco-friendly technology and invests in bringing the best to you. The fin fans of Impact are fully favorable for your company and you can rely on them without any second thought. What is more, there is an extensive range to choose from and you are also assured of first-rate post-sales service.

2 years ago

The features and benefits of Axial Flow Fans

An Axial fan is basically a kind of compressor that can enhance the air pressure flowing through it. The range of axial flow fans is very wide and it may vary from a low or medium pressure fans to high pressure fans. These fans are used for cooling purposes, by the gardening centres, agriculture and for comfort air engineering work. In axial flow fans the blades force the air in the parallel route to the shaft. It is in direction in which the blades actually rotate.

The design of these fans is based upon the kind of propellers that are responsible for creating that air pressure difference in the fan. The blades of these fans are mostly made of aluminium alloy or wood and these fans are often used in hovercrafts, cooling towers, aircrafts, hydrofoils, ships, wind tunnels and helicopters. The fans designs are unique and highly efficient for specific duty conditions. It allows easy maintenance and handling and the construction of these fans is tough and durable.

Technology used for manufacturing axial flow fans:

As compared to a ducted fan, an axial fan contains much lower number of blades which are just two to six in number. More number of blades may restrict the high flow rate needed for the functioning of these fans. The blades of these fans are very long and have various blade sections along its radius. These axial flow fans are extremely energy efficient devices that generate more air with very less power, offering less operating costs to all its users. As compared to various other GRP fans these axial flow impact fans offer 10-40% of power saving. In newly constructed equipment these fans offer a cost saving in both equipment and operational cost.

These fans are also easy to handle as they are very light in weight and offer an ease of maintenance as well. The reduction of inertia available in the designing of fan also provides an extended life to motor, bearings and the gear box of the fan. The blades of the fan are dependable and resilient along with high fatigue strength. These amazing quality blades of axial flow fans have performed very well in the extreme condition tests like high wind loads and cyclones. The operational noise of the fan is also reduced with the help of unique airfoil designs.

These axial fans are highly durable due to its FRP lay-up pattern and have been working perfectly from many years without the need of any kind of replacement. The fans offer a vibration-free operation and the fibreglass material of the fan protects it from any kind of corrosion. The blades of these fans are created using the specific moulds and advanced vacuum infusion technology.

2 years ago

The efficiency of Air Foil Fan Blades

The air foil fans are created and designed for moving the high volumes of clean air at low to medium kind of static temperature. Since 1975, it has been used for its promising performance and low energy consumption. The air foil fan blades are inclined backwards and they are created by using the same aerodynamic principals which are used to make an aircraft. The airfoil fans are among the competent centrifugal fans and put forward multiple utilities. These fan blades are also designed meticulously and provide a higher performance at a much lesser horse power. The operational sound produced by these fans is also quite low as compared to other fans. The energy cost requirement to run airflow fans is also very less.

Performance and design of Air foil fan:

The air foil fan blades are available in multiple sizes, construction categories, arrangements, housing widths and impellers. Air foil fans can handle the air volumes up to 350,000 cfm and the static pressure managed by these fans are 25”wg. The airflow fan maintains the temperature up to 1000°F with very high static efficiency up to 80%. The designs of the blade of the fan has non-overloading power curve.

The design of the fan follows the aerodynamic profile and these are twisted and tapered to generate the higher competence in its performance. Sometimes designs can also be customised and modified to meet any specific presentation requirement. The airfoil fan tenders 10 – 40% power savings as compared to other GRP or metallic fans. In any newly constructed equipment these fans can help in saving the operational and equipment cost. These fans are light weight and easy to handle. These are corrosion free and vibration free fans which are highly durable in their design.

Enhanced Blade Design:

The air foil fan blades are made using specially designed moulds. Blades with camber characteristics and high twist designs are created by using expensive tools and customised manufacturing process. These fans are generated by making use of advanced vacuum infusion technology which offers uniform wall thickness and weight along the blades. The vacuum infusion technology can prevent inconsistencies in fan designs like dimensional instability and manufacturing tolerance. 

This technology recommends enhance fibre to resin ratio and uniform wall thickness for the blade. Blade weight is kept lower which increases the blade strength. The fibre and resin properties are maximised by using vacuum infusion technology and it also presents greater aerodynamic accuracy and superior surface finish for the blades. The airfoil fan is designed to offer trouble-free performance with higher efficiency. It is also simple to install and gives effective performance. These fans can work and perform for years without the need of maintenance or any type of repair.